7 2022

Yerusalem- Charleston Jewish Filmfest

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Contact Sandra Brett

Join Charleston Jewish Filmfest and Charleston Jewish Federation for a virtual screening and discussion of the powerful documentary "Yerusalem."

Your registration includes advance streaming of the film from April 5 through April 9 and a virtual discussion of the film on April 7 at 7:00 pm. You will receive an email with the free streaming link for "Yerusalem" on April 5.

"Yerusalem" brings to life the story of a long, dramatic, and tumultuous journey as the Jewish Ethiopian community, also known as “Beta-Israel”, finally finds its way back to the heart of the Jewish people after centuries. It also offers unflinching insight into the complex reality that ensues after they at long last arrive in the Promised Land.

Trailer at https://vimeo.com/569402482

Register here: https://bit.ly/filmfestyerusalem