18 2015

Three Rabbi Panel: Obligated to Educate

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Stern Student Center Ballroom Corner of Glebe & George Streets
Charleston, 29424

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It is written (Talmud Shabbat) that Jerusalem was destroyed just because schoolchildren were kept from their classrooms. That is the rabbinic way of highlighting the importance of Jewish education. Indeed, the future of our Jewish community, and others world-wide, lies in the proper Jewish education of our children. But where and how should that education take place? Do we integrate our students within a public school setting, or do we separate them amongst Jewish peers at private day schools? As parents, educators, and concerned members of the Jewish community of Charleston, these are the difficult questions we must ask ourselves.

The factors at play in making such a decision are diverse. Cost can be prohibitive if borne by the parents. Some parents fear becoming distanced from their child in observance, education, and interests. And to many, public education is quintessentially American, so an important part of American Jewish identity. On the other hand, day school educations allow kids to grow up with deep connections to ritual, holidays, culture, and community, with Jewish literacy, Jewish identity, and comfort in Jewish situations.

Join us as Rabbis Stephanie Alexander (KKBE), Adam Rosenbaum (Emanu-El), and Michael Davies (Dor Tikvah) reflect on the views of their respective denominations towards Jewish education, as well as the approaches of their congregations. We will honor Charlot and the late Stanley Karesh with a reception in recognition of their generous gift to Jewish Studies.

Sponsor: Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program