9 2016

Three Rabbi Panel: Jewish Views on Marriage

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Stern Student Center Ballroom Corner of George & Glebe St., 4th Floor
Charleston, SC 29424

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The Torah provides relatively little guidance on the procedures related to marriage, or how a couple should behave once married. Thankfully, our rabbinic sages and denominational authorities have a great deal to say regarding marital obligations, shalom bayit (peace in the home), interfaith relationships, and more.

Over time, Jewish marriage has evolved to incorporate modern customs while maintaining important Jewish traditions. So too have Jewish marriages changed with the advent of denominational Judaism, allowing for different customs, prohibitions, and permissions. How do different communities and denominations deal with intermarriage, or same-sex marriage? And how does each denomination respond to the predicament in Israel in which the only institutionalized form of Jewish marriage is the Orthodox one? Join us as Rabbis Stephanie Alexander (KKBE), Alan Cohen (emeritus, Emanu-El) and Moshe Davis (BSBI) discuss these questions and more.

The Three Rabbi Panel is supported by the Stanley and Charlot Karesh Family Fund, an endowment given by the Karesh family in spring 2015 in support of Jewish Studies’ community outreach programming. Stanley obm and Charlot have been lifelong pillars of the Charleston Jewish community, and of Jewish Studies. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Sponsor: Jewish Studies, KKBE, BSBI, EmanuEl