27 2014

Three Rabbi Panel: God at the Center

7:30PM - 8:00PM  

Stern Center Ballroom (4th Floor) Corner of Glebe & George Streets


Judaism is a monotheistic faith; that has been its defining feature over millennia. The methods through which Jews connect with God have changed, but God is nevertheless thought to be present in our everyday lives. How the major Jewish denominations have chosen to understand this manifestation of the divine varies. Some Jews connect with God through prayer, some through acts of tikkun olam, others see the divine in the majesty of the natural world, and others may not think about God on a daily basis at all. Increasingly, Jews in America have begun to distance themselves from God as Judaism’s defining feature, and have focused on cultural, ethical, or observance-based manifestations of Judaism. Join three of Charleston’s gifted Rabbis as they explore their respective movements’ views about God and the necessity of belief in God for being Jewish. Does the change of Jewish traditions through time result in a change in the nature of God and the importance of belief in God?