18 2017

The Real Israel - Behind the Scenes Observations from a Fast-Moving Country

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Arnold Hall 96 Wentworth Street

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August 28 - Beyond Women of the Wall: the reality of women’s status in Israel - in politics, religion, society, the military and business world.

September 18 - Jewish Pluralism in the Jewish State: Non-Orthodox and Egalitarian Judaism, how it fits into the politics and society of modern Israel, and how it complicates the country’s relationship with the Diaspora.

October 2 - Israelis of the Start-Up Nation: What are Israeli millennials and “Generation Z” members like? How do they differ from their parents and grandparents - and what does this – and the changing technological world they live in - bode for the country’s future?

Allison Kaplan Sommer is the Fall 2017 Norman and Gerry Sue Arnold Distinguished Visiting Chair in Jewish Studies. She has been a journalist and columnist for Haaretz since 2012. She is the former Washington, DC correspondent, feature writer and critic for the Jerusalem Post, and has written on a freelance basis for U.S. publications, including the New Republic, Politico, The Forward, and JTA. Originally from Rhode Island, she earned her B.A. in English and Theater at Wesleyan University and her M.A. from the Columbia School of Journalism. She moved to Israel in 1993 and lives in Ra’anana with her husband and three children.