6 2017

The Fruits of Fifty Years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Arnold Hall 96 Wentworth Street

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November 6 - Judaism and Christianity: The Parting of the Ways Followed by a 2,000 Year Tragic Interaction
November 13 - Defining our Terms: What do Jews and Christians believe?
November 20 - Fifty Years of Christian-Jewish Dialogue
November 27 - Jesus and Contemporary Judaism

Professor Emeritus Dr. Michael S. Kogan taught for 42 years in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Montclair State University. He served as chairman of the department for 24 years. Since 1990 he has spent several months a year in Charleston, teaching summer courses in the Philosophy Department of the College of Charleston and in local churches and synagogues. In January of 2015 he became a full-time resident of the Holy City. He is an active participant in the Christian-Jewish theological dialogue. His book, Opening the Covenant: A Jewish Theology of Christianity (Oxford University Press, 2008) is widely used in university courses on Judaism and Christianity. Although “retired,” Professor Kogan continues to teach weekly courses in Charleston churches and synagogues. His courses and research have been focused on Hebrew and Christian Bible, the history and theology of both faiths, religion and the poetic imagination, existential philosophy and theology, Mormon history and theology, and Christian-Jewish dialogue.

Sponsor: Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program