9 2021

The Fall of Liberal Zionism - Part I: Psychology

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Charleston, SC 29414

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The Fall of Liberal Zionism comprises three one-hour conversations between former Knesset member and IDF Spokesman Dr. Nachman Shai and College of Charleston Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Director Dr. Yaron Ayalon to discuss the collapse of the Zionist left in Israel, and liberal Zionism more broadly, in recent years. This development led to profound changes in Israeli politics, and helped cement Prime Minister Netanyahu’s rule for nearly 12 years now.

In this mini-lecture series, Drs. Shai and Ayalon will analyze historical and recent events and trends that have led to the near disappearance of an entire political camp, the downfall of the Israeli Labor Party, and the ouster of liberal politicians from other parties.
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Sponsor: Norman and Gerry Sue Arnold Center for Israel Studies and the Center for Israel Education