5 2019

KKBE's Lifelong Learning: Jews and Jewish Themes on TV

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

KKBE- Synagogue 90 Hasell Street
2nd Floor
Charleston, SC 29401

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How have depictions of Jews and Judaism on American TV
changed over the past 65 years? Is TV a good medium for
accurately portraying the lives of Jewish people? Please join
the conversation about four episodes from four very different
TV shows (which you should watch on your own, before
• THE GOLDBERGS: "A Sad Day" 10/5/1954 (YouTube)
THE X-FILES: “Kaddish” 2/16/1997 (Season 4, Episode
14) Netflix
• CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: "Will Scarsdale Like Josh's
Shayna Punim?" 1/13/2017 (Season 2, Episode
10) Netflix
• TRANSPARENT: “The Book of Life” 12/11/2015 (Season
2, Episode 7) Amazon Prime

Dr. Siegler is a Professor and Chair, College of Charleston Religious Studies Program