9 2021

KKBE Presents: Continuing Israel Study with Uri Feinberg

1:00PM - 2:00PM  



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Travel to Israel may be on our hearts and minds, but sadly, in the world's current climate, our visits are regulated to spirit rather than body. While KKBE plans for a future congregational trip to Israel, we are thrilled to be joined virtually this Spring by Master Guide Uri Feinberg. Over this six week course, some of our sessions will entail virtual travel to various sites around the Jewish State, where we will uncover a different layer of Israeli society as well as its history. Others will engage us in conversation about modern Israel, current events in the modern state, and how we verbalize what we feel. All of our sessions will add to what you already know about the State of Israel, deepen your historic knowledge of the Land of Israel and strengthen your connection to the Jewish State.
https://zoom.us/j/4538689645 and Meeting ID: 453 868 9645