7 2019

KKBE: Opening the Covenant: A Jewish Theologu pf Christianity

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

KKBE- Synagogue 90 Hasell Street
2nd Floor
Charleston, SC 29401

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Lecture and discussion led by Dr. Michael S. Kogan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion.

Based upon the themes in Dr. Kogan’s book, after which the course is titled, this class will offer an in-depth presentation and analysis of the theologies of Judaism and Christianity. How does each faith view the natures of the Divine and the human, creation, redemption, the freedom or bondage of the human will, sin, repentance, faith, good deeds, the Scriptures, prayer, miracles, orthodoxy vs. progressivism, etc., etc.
The course will also examine church and synagogue statements of mutual reconciliation and affirmation issued during the historic Christian-Jewish dialogue of the last half century. This dialogue has revolutionized relations between the two faiths after an estrangement of two thousand years.

It is suggested, but not required, that students purchase Dr. Kogan’s book and read along as the course unfolds. It is available at the Temple gift shop.