18 2018

Frontier Jews and Black Catholics: New Books in American Religion

6:00PM - 7:00PM  

Jewish Studies Center 96 Wentworth Street

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Over the last few decades, scholars have expanded the study of American religion beyond white Protestants, and in the process engaged questions of race, ethnicity, and migration. Professor Elijah Siegler (Religious Studies) will moderate a discussion with Professors Shari Rabin (Jewish Studies) and Matthew Cressler (Religious Studies) about the expanding eld of American religion and their new books, both recently published by NYU Press. Rabin is the author of Jews on the Frontier: Religion and Mobility in Nineteenth-Century America and Cressler is the author of Authentically Black and Truly Catholic: The Rise of Black Catholicism in the Great Migration. Both books will be available for sale.

Sponsor: Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program, Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture