29 2017

American Jews & Israel: From Consensus to Conflict

9:00AM - 11:00AM  

Arnold Hall 96 Wentworth Street


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Dov Waxman will discuss his new book Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel (Princeton University Press, 2016), in which he explores the increasingly contentious place of Israel in the American Jewish community. Arguing that the age of uncritical American Jewish support for Israel is over, Waxman will discuss how Israel is becoming a source of disunity for American Jewry, and explain why a new era of American Jewish conflict over Israel is replacing the old era of solidarity.

Dov Waxman is Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Israel Studies, and the Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies at Northeastern University. He is also the codirector of the University’s Middle East Center. His research focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli foreign policy, U.S.-Israel relations, and American Jewry’s relationship with Israel.

Sponsor: Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program