8 2021

A Conversation with Dahlia Scheindlin

7:30PM - 8:30PM  

Sylvia Vlosky Yaschik Jewish Studies Center 96 Wentworth St.
Charleston, SC 29424

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Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin is a public opinion expert and strategic consultant with twenty years of experience, specializing in liberal and progressive social causes. She has advised eight national campaigns in Israel and has worked in 15 other countries. Dr. Scheindlin conducts research and policy analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, regional foreign policy, democracy, human rights and civil rights, minority issues, religion and state, domestic political analysis, comparative conflict and comparative politics. She will share her thoughts about the current political climate in Israel and where it might lead.

Option 1: Attend in person. There will be food served at 9:00 AM in the lobby of the Jewish Studies building for in-person attendees. RSVP for in-person:
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Sponsor: The Norman and Gerry Sue Arnold Center for Israel Studies.