Shalom Charleston


Shalom Charleston, a program of the Charleston Jewish Federation has been created to seamlessly welcome you as the newest members to the Charleston Jewish community. Think of us as your welcome wagon, and the ones to go to whenever you have a question. The diversity represented through programs, synagogues and activities here are guaranteed to foster opportunities for you to find others to share the Jewish experience with!    


By arranging personalized one-on-one meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet with Shalom Charleston volunteers and receive community resources, get connected with community organizations and make new friends.  


At your welcome visit, you will receive a Shalom Charleston Welcome Bag containing goodies to help you feel right at home in your new hometown, generously sponsored by Lynch Cracraft Wealth Management of Raymond James.


We welcome you to Charleston with open arms and warm Southern Shalom Y’all!


For more information, or to contribute a gift to welcome bag, please contact Lisa Isaacson.