Challah and Holiday Food Store

1645 Wallenberg Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407

P: 843-763-8160
F: 843-556-6206

Challah & Bagels

"Dining In" sells fresh challah, bagels, and rolls on a weekly basis to the Charleston community.  There are two sizes of challah to choose from and bagels can be ordered in increments of six.


For special events, challah rolls and ceremonial challah can be special ordered.  The JCC sells several hundred loaves each week to members, passers-by and even the postman.  To place an order call the JCC by Tuesday at 5:00 pm for the upcoming Shabbat.


Holiday Food

Dining In provides prepared foods for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover.  You must pre-order for these holidays.  Orders are due approximately 5 weeks in advance.  You can order everything for your holiday meal including; soup, salads, appetizers, entrees and sides.