Annual Charleston Jewish Community Campaign

Countless moments await us, countless lives that you can impact.


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Your generous, tax-free contribution today will directly shape our ability to manifest our shared vision—a vision of thriving Jewish communities right here in Charleston, in Israel, and across the globe.

Make A Pledge

While payments are not due until December 31st, your pledge to the Charleston Jewish Community Annual Campaign today ensures that individuals and families who need us now more than ever can get the vital help they need in the moments they need it most.

Recurring payments, stock gifts, and company matches are possible. For more information, please call Rebecca Engel, Chief Development Officer, at (843) 614-6484. 


Donations may also be sent by check to:

Charleston Jewish Federation

176 Croghan Spur Road, Suite 100

Charleston, SC 29407

Thanks to donors like you, the Charleston Jewish Federation educates our children about our heritage and advocates for critical legislation and funding to protect ourselves and other hate-targeted groups. Your support safeguards our community from violent antisemitism, securing our synagogues, Jewish day school, and institutions while combating all forms of antisemitic and anti-Israel activity. Through our international partners, your one gift touches more Jewish lives around the world than any agency can do alone.


Yet, our journey is far from over. Countless moments await us, countless lives that you can impact.


Your gift to the Annual Charleston Jewish Community Campaign matters. It is only with the support of our entire community that we will be able to: meet the rising financial requests from our local, national, and international partners, secure our congregations through the Community Security program, mail free monthly Jewish books to families with young children, provide critical support to our vulnerable Jewish families (including isolated seniors and Holocaust survivors), convene our community partners, educate the greater community about the Holocaust, give resources to students facing antisemitism, feed the hungry, create connections to between Charleston and Israel, make tuition assistance for religious schools and camp available and so much more.