YAD (Young Adult Division)


Our mission is to ensure a strong and vibrant future for Charleston’s Jewish community by attracting and involving young adults in our activities, promoting Jewish values, developing community leaders and creating and encouraging social, business and career opportunities.


Our events provide an opportunity to expand your social or professional network with other young Jews in the Charleston area and encourage participation in the Charleston Jewish community. ​


The Young Adult Division (YAD) of the Charleston Jewish Federation is geared towards the 21 - 45 years old crowd.


For more information, please contact Rebecca Solomon Leibowitz.


About National Young Leadership (NYL)

NYL gives Jews ages 22-45 a place to explore their interests, meet others, have fun, and make a difference in the world through your actions. 


Find out more about Young Leadership events--like the one where Shlomit and Marcos met--at www.nextgenjews.org.

What happens when a Jew from Mexico locks eyes with a Jew from Israel across a crowded room?


Marcos and Shlomit were perfect strangers when they met at a Federation event for young adults. But their shared love for Jewish community quickly became the foundation of an international romance.


“[Federation] sets up an environment where you’re with people with shared interests and shared histories,” says Shlomit. “Without Federation, I'm not sure we would have met each other.”