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The REMEMBER Program

The Holocaust was the single most systematic and extensive government engineered genocide in history. Nazis murdered approximately 6 million Jews, including more than one million children. It is these horrific deaths that compel us to study the Holocaust so that we can prevent future tragedies from occurring. As Elie Weisel stated: “For the dead and the living we must bear witness.” 


One of the most fundamental lessons of the Holocaust is that to be a bystander is to share in the guilt; this lesson is applicable to both individuals and contemporary societal problems. In Charleston, we are fortunate to have bystanders who intervened thus making society more humane and just.



Joe Engel Holocaust Education Grant

Mr. Joe Engel, a local Holocaust survivor, and the Remember Program for Holocaust and Genocide Education proudly announce an annual  $1000 grant to promote Holocaust education in the greater Charleston area.  Teachers in grades 5-12 are invited to submit proposals for curriculum development, acquisition of materials for students, continuing education workshops, and/or student trips related to Holocaust studies.  Forms may be downloaded on our website,, or by emailing We look forward to proposals that strive to create or expand Holocaust education in the Lowcountry!


Click HERE to apply for the grant.

2013 Creative Arts and Literature Competition

Mazel tov and yasher koach to the winners of the 2013 Holocaust Creative Arts and Literature Competition! We are proud to see that the memory of the Holocaust still lives within the next generation of Charleston youth and received far more submissions than we could honor individually.

The following students’ entries were selected by the REMEMBER committee as being the most original and meaningful representations of our 2013 theme- ‘Building our Future by Remembering our Past’. They will be honored at the April 30th reception at the Charleston County Public Library’s main branch and will receive awards from the TBonz Foundation.

Creative Writing:

1st Place – Ashton Buchanan for ‘I Remember Their Faces’

                8th grade- Charleston County School of the Arts

2nd Place – Abby Turner for Mirrors Within The Past’

                8th grade- Addlestone Hebrew Academy

3rd Place – Clark Spillane for ‘Love and Compassion’

                11th grade-Bishop England High School

Honorable Mention – Savanna Rose Lawrence for ‘Building Our Future by Remembering the Past’

                8th grade- Charleston County School of the Arts

Honorable Mention – Jacqueline Parker for ‘NEVER AGAIN’

                10th grade-Bishop England High School

Honorable Mention – Eden Teichman for ‘Dark Fairy Tales from Another Time’

                8th grade-- Charleston County School of the Arts


Visual Arts

1st Place – Rachel Hannan and Taylor Rice for ‘Remember’

                Rachel: 10th grade-Bishop England High School

                Taylor: 11th grade-Bishop England High School

2nd Place – Stormy Taylor for ‘Through Death Life Can Bloom’

                11th grade-Northwood Academy

3rd Place –Lauren Michelle Forrester for ‘Wrong but Not Forgotten’

                12th grade-Coastal Christian Preparatory School

Honorable Mention – Marymiles Faulkenberry for ‘Generations to Come’

                9th grade-Coastal Christian Preparatory School

Honorable Mention – Katie Hancock for ‘Building from our Past’               

                11th grade-Hanahan High School

Honorable Mention –Kaleigh Sandness for ‘Forever in Our Hearts’

                11th grade-Hanahan High School